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Welcome to CCHAA   Welcome to Calcutta Customs House Agents` Association.Happy New Year 2015   Calcutta Customs House Agents Association wishes you Happy New Year 2015.a   aaHACKED BY AKINCILAR / CYBER-WARRIOR.ORG   HACKED BY AKINCILAR / CYBER-WARRIOR.ORG

Present Office Bearers

Designation: President
Name: Mr Sujit Chakrabory
Designation: Vice President
Name: Shri Raju Goswami
Company: J.K. Overseas Shipping Agency
Address: 3A Garstin Place, Ground Floor
Kolkata - 700 001
Phone: 9830026228
Fax: 40040643
Designation: Vice President
Name: Mr. Subhash Ghosh
Designation: Vice President
Name: Mr. Utpal Das
Company: Indo Friends Agency
Phone: 9836928828
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