Present Sub Committee

KOPT & CFS Sub Committee  KOPT & CFS Sub Committee

Chairman : Mr.Mrinmoy Das

 Mobile No : 90733 99391

Haldia & CFS Sub Committee  Haldia & CFS Sub Committee

Chairman : Mr.Debojyoti Basu

 Mobile No : 98300 43801

Airport Sub Committee  Airport Sub Committee

Chairman : Mr.P.C.Maity

 Mobile No : 98301 87253

Customs Sub Committee  Customs Sub Committee

Chairman : Mr.Ali Haider

 Mobile No : 98316 92940

GST Sub Committee  GST Sub Committee

Chairman : Mr.Girish Sangani

 Mobile No : 98300 36748

Land Customs Sub Committee  Land Customs Sub Committee

Chairman : Mr.S.P.Purohit

 Mobile No : 9830049382

Grivence Sub Committee  Grivence Sub Committee

Chairman : Mr.S.P.Verma

 Mobile No : 9831180234

Steamer Agents’ Sub Committee  Steamer Agents’ Sub Committee

Chairman : Mr.Prithwish Biswas

 Mobile No : 98301 65266

About Us

The world is a single village on our palm. It is the advanced communication that has made this happen. Calcutta Customs House Agents' Association is an apex body of the authorized agents of Kolkata Customs, those are engaged in clearing and forwarding freight at the Airport and Seaports of West Bengal.

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 Calcutta Customs House Agents' Association
23, Sir R. N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata - 700 001

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