The Calcutta Customs House Agents' Association was formed late in the year 1956 and registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. The basic objectives behind constituting the above Association was to regulate, coordinate, formulate rules and regulation for proper functioning of the Custom House Agents.

This Association is recognized by the Customs Authorities as the sole Representative Association of the Custom House Agents in West Bengal. Presently, Calcutta Customs House Agents' Association has about 200 members employing around ten thousand people both directly and indirectly. It is worth mentioning that as per the Customs Act, no CHA can act as such without becoming a Member of a recognized Agents Association.

The Association is honoured to be associated with different committees of the Customs like Customs Grievances Committee, Watch Dog Committee etc. etc. and also have close association with the Association of Shipping Interests in Calcutta (ASIC) and Air Cargo carrying Agent in India (ACCAI). The Association is important part of its apex body Federation of Freight Forwarders Association of India (FFFAI) and the world body known as International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations. The association is also a member of Bengal National Chamber of Commerce.

This Association renders invaluable services to its members and also solve their day to day problems and protect their interest for the smooth functioning of the trade. A body of Elected Member acts as the Executive Committee of the Association and all policy and others important maters are discussed and decided upon jointly. There are Office Bearers who look after the day to day activities of the association.

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The world is a single village on our palm. It is the advanced communication that has made this happen. Calcutta Customs House Agents' Association is an apex body of the authorized agents of Kolkata Customs, those are engaged in clearing and forwarding freight at the Airport and Seaports of West Bengal.

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