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Welcome to CCHAA   Welcome to Calcutta Customs House Agents` Association.Happy New Year 2015   Calcutta Customs House Agents Association wishes you Happy New Year 2015.


The Calcutta Customs House Agents' Association was formed late in the year 1956 and registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. The basic objectives behind constituting the above Association was to regulate, coordinate, formulate rules and regulation for proper functioning of the Custom House Agents. This Association is recognized by the Customs Authorities as the sole Representative Association of the Custom House Agents in West Bengal. Presently, Calcutta Customs House Agents' Association has about 200 members employing around ten thousand people both directly and indirectly. It is worth mentioning that as per the Customs Act, no CHA can act as such without becoming a Member of a recognized Agents Association. The Association is honoured to be associated with different committees of the Customs like Customs Grievances Committee, Watch Dog Committee etc. etc. and also have close association with the Association of Shipping Interests in Calcutta (ASIC) and Air Cargo carrying Agent in India (ACCAI). The Association is important part of its apex body Federation of Freight Forwarders Association of India (FFFAI) and the world body known as International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations. The association is also a member of Bengal National Chamber of Commerce. This Association renders invaluable services to its members and also solve their day to day problems and protect their interest for the smooth functioning of the trade. A body of Elected Member acts as the Executive Committee of the Association and all policy and others important maters are discussed and decided upon jointly. There are Office Bearers who look after the day to day activities of the association.


Objects of the Association:

  1. To diffuse useful knowledge to the Customs House Agents and to open Libraries, Schools and other institutions for their training.
  2. To make necessary arrangements in giving training and rendering necessary help to the Customs House Agents.
  3. To promote a feeling of fraternity and cooperationamongst its members.
  4. To regulate, coordinate, formulate rules and regulations for proper working of the Customs House works consistent with the uses, rules and regulations and the Sea Customs Act.
  5. To make representation to the Government and other authorities on the difficulties experienced by the Calcutta Customs House Agents in the course of the discharge of the lawful duties as Customs House Agents.
  6. To get redress of legitimate grievances by all peaceful and constitutional means and procedures.
  7. To assist and cooperate fully with the Collectors of Customs and Land Customs and the Government of India in carrying out the orders of the Government of India.
  8. To undertake and settle all matters in dispute either between them and Customs Collectorate and Port Authorities or between them and their clients.
  9. To arbitrate, if necessary, in matters of dispute either amongst the members, or between them and their clients.
  10. To exercisea general control over the Customs House business with a view to maintain a high standard of dignity and public confidence without which Customs House Agents cannot function respectably.
  11. To prevent as far as possible unscrupulous persons from entering the trade as Customs House Agent.
  12. To give quotations to the Government and other reputed clients with a view to secure jobs in order to distribute the same to its individual constituents.
  13. To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any property movable or immovable.
  14. To construct, maintain and alter any house, building or works necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Association.
  15. To take any gift property whether subject to anyspecial trust or not for anyone or more of the objects of the Association.
  16. To print and publish or subscribe to any newspapers, periodicals, books or leaflets that the Association may think desirable for the promotion of its objects and have them circulated, if so desired, by the Association.
  17. To sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose-off or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Association.
  18. To borrow or raise money in such manner as Association may think fit.
  19. To invest any money of the Association not immediatelyrequired for any of its objects in such manner as may from time to time be determined.
  20. To undertake and execute any trust or contract the undertaking of which may seem to the Association desirable either gratuitously or otherwise.
  21. To draw, make accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory mote, bills of exchange, bills of lading, warrents, debentures and other negotiable or transferable instruments or securities.
  22. To guarantee, if necessary, the performance of contracts by members of the Association.
  23. To do all such things as are identical or conductive to the attainment of the above objects of the Association, provided that the Association shall not support with its fund or endeavour to impose on or procure or to be observed by its members or others, any regulation or restriction which, if an object of the association, would make it a trade union.

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